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XMPie E-Mail Service
Experience Convenience, Peace-of-Mind and Affordability with Integrated E-Mail Delivery and Tracking from XMPie
Robust , commercial-grade e-mail delivery and tracking is now available through XMPie® E-Mail Service. XMPie E-Mail Service is a cost-effective, all-in-one option embedded within every PersonalEffect® Cross-Media and e-Media solution.

XMPie E-Mail Service lets you maintain state-of-the-art e-mail design and execution through the familiar XMPie tools you use for personalized print, Web and mobile communications, but adds the convenience, peace-of-mind and affordability of integrated e-mail delivery and tracking.

  • XMPie E-Mail Service features fully integrated, one-stop-shop implementation, providing users easy access to everything needed for complete cross-media campaigns.

  • Comprehensive e-mail tracking helps you monitor sent, opened, unsubscribed or bounced messages.

  • Advanced reporting integrated with XMPie's uProduce Marketing Console, allows you to track multi-touch point, cross-media campaigns from a single browser-based dashboard, so you can correlate recipient behavior to recipient data and attributes.

  • XMPie E-Mail Service expertly avoids spam filters, black lists and other delivery barriers, ensuring messages reach the intended recipient.

  • Additional accounts under the same subscription can be purchased separately, so you can keep each account isolated and privately managed.

  • Built-in Opt-out management automatically records all recipients who unsubscribe, preventing your company from accidentally sending messages to these customers.

  • E-mail validation technologies help protect your company against unintentional violations of Anti-Spam regulations as prescribed through the US CAN-SPAM Act.

  • Several service plan options are available, so you can select the option that best reflects your expected use patterns and meets your cost-management criteria.

  • A cost-effective solution among high-level, commercial grade services.



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